​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​RIDE SCHEDULE:   NOVEMBER 2019 THRU FEBRUARY 2020


Always call the ride leader 2 days in advance of the ride for more information and to make your reservation.  If you plan on bringing a guest, your guest must sign a waiver.  Unless otherwise noted, please bring your own water and lunch/refreshments.  Ride leaders furnish snacks following the ride.

Level 1 – An easy, shorter ride with mostly level terrain, low grades and good footing.  Trail mostly follows roads or wide, well defined trails.

Level 2 – Some grades but not steep or hard.  Can go across country on mostly level ground.

Level 3 – Footing may be rocky and difficult in places.  May have steep grades and be narrow.  Could be long in length.

Level 4 – Steep grades, rocky and there may be some steps, negotiating ledges and large boulders.  Could be long in length.

Ride Speeds:  Slow, Medium and Fast are WALK speeds.  If gaited indicated call the ride leader to determine speed.

November 28-December 1—No rides scheduled for Thanksgiving Holiday.

December 7—Verde River (pipeline loop)— Meet at Depot 89 in Paulden at 10:00 AM to caravan to parking area. Rated a 3 for 4 hours including a lunch break. Jo Anne Rudolph 928-308-3803.

December 15 Sunday—Christmas Party at the Centennial Center.

December 21—Open

December 24-29—No rides scheduled for Christmas Holiday.

January 4— New Years ride from the Ross’s home and return for Chili. If the weather permits there will be a non-gaited and gaited ride. Meet at 10:00AM to ride at 10:30AM. We will return for a chili potluck. Bring your favorite dish (several people could bring cornbread). RSVP to Carol Ross 928-925-0663.

January 11—Open

January 18—Little Thumb Butte—Meet at Bud & Joan England’s home in the Rim Rock subdivision (1256 Reata Trail in Paulden) at 10:00 AM to ride at 10:30 AM. Rated a 3 for 3 hours including a lunch break. Jo Anne Rudolph 928-308-3803.

January 25— Black Canyon Trail—Trailhead on right side of Hwy 69 after Bensch Ranch in Mayer. Meet at Mortimer's Farm at 10 AM to caravan to TH. We will meet back at Mortimer's Farm after the ride to eat. Rated a 3 for 3.5 hours. Jo Anne Rudolph 928-308-3803.

February 1--Open

February 8—Almosta THGaited Ride (fast walking & some gaiting). Meet at 10 AM to ride at 10:20 AM . Non-Gaited Ride leaves at 10:30 AM. Rated a 2.5 for 2.5 hours with lunch afterwards at Bonn-Fire restaurant in Chino Valley. Gaited ride—Carol Ross 928- 925-0663 and Non-Gaited Ride—Donna Crisfield 928-583-0915.

February 15-- PSC Election at the Centennial Center.

February 23—Sunday—Vulture Peak in Wickenburg.  The TH is approximately a 2 hour drive down through Skull Valley and Yarnell on Iron Springs Rd. Meet at 10:00 AM to ride at 10:30AM, rated a 3. This will be a 3-4 hour ride on the trails near Vulture Peak with snacks at the trailers when we get back. If interested please call 2 days ahead for directions; Tom Norris 928-636-3358 or Denise Stevens 928-899-6120.

February 29—Carol Ross particulars TBD.