Call trail leader for more information and to make your reservation.

Level 1 – An easy, shorter ride with mostly level terrain, low grades and good footing.  Trail mostly follows roads or wide, well defined trails.

Level 2 – Some grades but not steep or hard.  Can go across country on mostly level ground.

Level 3 – Footing may be rocky and difficult in places.  May have steep grades and be narrow.  Could be long in length.

Level 4 – Steep grades, rocky and there may be some steps, negotiating ledges and large boulders.  Could be long in length.

Always call the ride leader 2 days in advance of the ride.  If you plan on bringing a guest, your guest must sign a waiver.  Unless otherwise noted, please bring your own lunch/refreshments.

Ride Speeds:  Slow, Medium and Fast are WALK speeds.  If gaited indicated call ride leader to determine speed

​​October 20 – Little Thumb Butte B & B ”Eat ‘n Ride-Ride ‘n Eat”.  We will have a brunch at 8:00 AM, ride at 9:00 AM and return for a beautiful buffet lunch at 11:30 AM, which we can enjoy in a perfect social site under the trees at LTB.  Rated a 2.  Carol Ross Trail Leader 982-925-0663.  RSVP by mailing $15.00 to PSC, PO Box 11052, Prescott, AZ 86304 by Oct. 15th
October 27—Fair Oaks—Meet at the mailboxes on Fair Oaks Rd. at 9:00 AM to caravan to parking area.  This is a new ride rated a 3 with some off-trail riding, 4.5 hrs. including a lunch break.  Denise Stevens 928-899-6120.  
October 29 Monday-Meet at the mailboxes on Fair Oaks Rd. at 9:00 AM and caravan to the staging area.  Faster walking and some gaiting.  Rated a 3.5 for 3.5 hours including a lunch break.  Chaps and gloves are suggested.  Jo Anne Rudolph 928-308-3803. 
November 1 – 4 BCHCAZ campout at Bumblebee Ranch 623-374-0002 for reservations. 
November 10 – Tonto Mountain—Meet at the Fair Oaks Rd. mailboxes at 9:30 AM to caravan to the parking area. This ride will be rocky and riders attending should bring a “fit” horse, many scenic views of the Skull Valley area, rated a 3.5 for 4 hours including a lunch break.  Jo Anne Rudolph 928308-3803.  
November 17 "Saddle Up to Save the Dells!" -- This ride will take place in the Granite Dells on the Peavine and Iron King Trails in the morning on November 17th from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.   At this event, Save the Dells will have ten different stations set up along the two trails within Arizona Eco Development’s proposed development. At each station there will be a Save the Dells Trail Ambassador to provide information and point out the proposed development sites and planned major road crossings of our Peavine and Iron King Trails. We envision people parking and coming in from one of the four major access points: the Peavine’s North or South Trailheads, Watson Lake Park, or the Iron King Trailhead in Prescott Valley. Riders can choose where they would like to start and then head out the trails - our Trail Ambassadors will be at the ten different stations from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m.  For more information contact Amber Fields at amber.fields8@gmail.com.  Amber is the Communications Director for Save the Dells.
November 24 –Thanksgiving Holiday 
December 1—Thumb Butte –Gurley St. to the White Rock TH on the right side of the road.  Meet at 10:30 AM to ride at 11:00 AM, this will be new ride.  Rated a 3 for 2.5 hrs. with lunch to follow at Casa Sanchez.  Note: we may have to share the trail with bicycles or ATV’s in places.  Denise Stevens 928899-6120 or Tom Norris 928-636-3358. 
December 8 –Almosta TH—Meet at 10:00 AM to ride at 10:30 AM.  Rated a 2.5 for 3 hours including a lunch break.  Bobbie Reno 928-775-5408.  

​December 16 Sunday - Christmas Party at 5:00 pm at the Prescott Centennial Center at The Antelope Hills Golf Course.  Cost is $30 Members and $35 Non-Members.  Price includes buffet dinner, raffles, and entertainment.  RSVP with payment by Dec. 12 to:  PSC, PO Box 11052, Prescott, AZ  86304.
December 22 – Christmas Holiday Weekend 
December 29 – New Years break 
January 5, 2019 – New Years ride from Clare and Carol Ross’s home and return for Chili.  If the weather permits there will be a non-gaited and gaited ride.  Meet at 10:00 AM to ride at 10:30 AM.  We will return to the Ross’s home for a potluck.  Bring your favorite dish (several people could bring cornbread)  RSVP 928-925-0663.